Wednesday, June 16, 2010

James Durham - Jerusalem Gastronomy

Who knew the food in Israel would be this good? In previous summer programs, I typically have lost weight due to increased exercise and hot weather. Despite the warm days (followed by cool evenings) in Jerusalem, I have succeeded in expanding my waistline in a few short weeks. Israeli cuisine is delicious, and Jerusalem is blessed with an abundance of very good restaurants, often in lovely venues. Here are a few of the food items I've grown to love...

Lemonana: fresh-squeezed lemonade combined with crushed ice and shredded mint leaves. "Nana" means mint in Hebrew.

Israeli Salad: chopped Israeli cucumber (slightly different than U.S. cucumbers) and tomato salad, usually tossed with fresh parsley and vinaigrette.

Shakshuka: a Middle-Eastern dish of cooked tomatoes, olives, and spices, combined with eggs, and baked in an iron skillet.

Sea bass, with roasted potatoes, lemons, garlic, and chives. Fresh fish is plentiful because of Israel's proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. (Photo courtesy of Sergey Korolev - Touro)

Almond-pear tarte in sweet crème with a glass of dark coffee.

Ringed loaves of fresh bread await customers at the Jaffa Gate in the Old City. (Photo courtesy of Sergey Korolev - Touro)

By James Durham, Touro Law Summer Abroad Programs in Israel 2010

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