Friday, June 4, 2010

Brian Elliott - Touro Law's Annual Berlin Summer Abroad Program is Underway

Twenty travel-battered (and finals-battered) law students have made their way to Berlin, one of Europe's most important cities, to experience all that it has to offer. Those things might include gaining a new perspective about the wall that divided the city from 1961 - 1989, or sampling Germany's fine beer and cuisine...and maybe pick up a little German along the way.

Classes began on Monday. Many students participating in the program are taking Mediation and International Criminal Law. Besides learning subjects, many of us have already learned some important cultural differences. The New Yorkers among us have had to shake our tendency to jaywalk with impunity and talk on public transportation - two things which are just not done by the local populace.

Still, it's early in the program, and there will be much more to write about as the days go on.

For now, here's a picture of Berlin's TV tower which dominates the city's skyline.

By Brian Elliott, Student, Touro Law Summer Abroad Program in Germany 2010

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